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AIA Advisory Council

The Academy forms its Advisory Council which composed of academic, administrative and legal characters of different nationalities, assisting the Academy with their expertise in their fields and with their opinions and guidance.


The Advisory Council (2016-2017)

Dr. Wael M. Murad
PhD in information technology
Nationality: Palestinian
Country of Residence: U.A.E.
Dr. Mohamed Suliman Hamza
PhD in E. admnstrating systems
Nationality: Sudanese
Country of Residence: Sudan
Dr. Abeer Attia Iskunder
PhD in human development
Nationality: Egyptian
Country of Residence: Egypt
Dr. Yasser Elmalik Ahmed
PhD in computer & communications Science
Nationality: Sudanese
Country of Residence: Sudan
Dr. Anwar H. Saif
PhD in PM & Innovation
Nationality: British
Country of Residence: U.A.E.



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