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7 Certificates

The 7 Certificates

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What's new in 2012 ?

Get seven certificates when you graduate from one of our academic programs!

Whether you record in a bachelor's or master's programs or Ph.D. .. The American International Academy will give you, dear student, seven certificates when you graduate to adorn your CV .. No one has done this before!

That's right !
In addition to the degree you get, we will give you 6 certificates .. A certificate in each course you studied in your program, testifies that you study the course in that subject .. No wonder .. Our Master's and Doctoral programs, each includes 6 courses to study before starting the research, each course will be considered as an independent course and has its certificate .. For the undergraduate program, which contains more than 6 courses, we give you the freedom to choose 6 courses to get certificates in.. Six certificates of your choice in addition to a Bachelor's degree. Each certificate will be dated at the date of finishing the course.

It's Free !
We will charge no additional fee for these certificates, we want you to make the most benefit of what you pay for school fees .. Because we care about your interests, and because we want for you the best.


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