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How To Start


Starting with AIA is so easy and convenient !

Did you send the application for admission and the required documents? Did you pay tuition fee and received your Letter of Acceptance? What's next?

Be ready.. You will receive a welcome letter from your academic director, introduces himself and put you on the first step on your grade road. He will send you your curriculum guide which has been developed depending on your educational and life experience along with courses outline. He will explain to you how to start and how to study, and will start with you the first course. He will ask you to choose a book compatible with the course outline you have and send the description of the book using a special form with a copy of the content's page to get the approval. Then…

Student will study a number of courses set forth in his study plan  provided by the Academy after registration. The American International Academy has two methods of study:

1- Method of reports preparation
2- Method of preparing a research

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