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College of Letters and Science

Science is in permanent evolution. There are usually no impediments for the professional practice of these disciplines at medium level scientific posts, at managerial positions, or from a vocational point of view. A distance education university is not the best option for advanced scientific research. Admission into these programs is restricted and limited to qualified candidates with demonstrated theoretical and technical knowledge in their fields of study due to the fact that many of the credits required in scientific specializations cannot be provided effectively through distance learning higher education. A AIA DL Academic degree constitutes an effective way to complement a traditional scientific background with innovative approaches and further specialization.

AIA had put some restrictions of acceptance in scientific majors so we can guarantee a suitable limit of quality. These restrictions are:

1- AIA accepts only qualified students who proof having previous technical, theoretical and practical experiences in the field of required study.
2- The student should have completed a minimum number of credits in the same area of study required in other traditional and specialized educational institution.
3- AIA allows studying only few credits in engineering and scientific programs.
4- Applicant should submit his resume includes all his practical and educational experiences clear and obvious, though our administrational team could evaluate it accurately and take a decision of acceptance.

However, the student should provide the Academy with all documents and certificates proofs his experiences stated in his C.V. or application for admission.

The College of Letters and Science grants degrees of Bachelors, Masters and PhD's in the following majors:

• Public Health Sciences
• International Relations
• Public Relations
• Political Science
• Travel and Tourism
• Library and Information Science
• Journalism and Media


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