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As a working adult, you need degree programs that fit your busy schedule, as well as your interests. American International Academy understands.

The colleges and divisions within the Academy offer a range of undergraduate and graduate programs that enable you to explore various disciplines, including business, communication, international law, education, health care, management, nursing, information technology and more. We develop our degree programs, often in collaboration with industry professionals, to ensure quality, relevance and rigor.

Academic Supervision:
Arab Academy of Research and Studies undertakes the functions of supervising Arabic assignments and research of AIA students through its Academic team. Also, a team of Academics has been allocated as general supervisors at AIA colleges and at the directors working with the Academy.

NOTE: Students may petition for alternative majors not currently offered. Students may also have a dual major or a major with a minor subject area. If a dual major is listed, the two subjects must be compatible. (For example: Business Administration could be combined with Economics). For more majors, please contact our admissions office.

Colleges of AIA:

} College of Business
} College of Law
} College of Letters & Science
} College of Arts & Humanities
} College of Graduate Studies


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