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American International Academy (AIA) is an American educational institution, officially licensed in the state of Wyoming in the United States of America. AIA grants degrees of different levels in education through an advanced and modern educational system, achieves the demands of students and their needs of education, with the partnership of the Universal Studies Academy.

AIA gives an alternative to the traditional education to students from various countries around the world and from different cultures and civilizations, and those who chose not to attend traditional education. The unique character of the Academy is reflected through the diversity of its programs and its educational system and its global and distinct presence.

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Are you a certified trainer by BITA?

Today you can get a membership as a certified trainer in AIA and enjoy all the privileges of our membership which enhance you career and develop your work.. 

Credit for prior learning and experience.
Curriculum designed to meet your needs.
No interference with your professional life.
Free associations' memberships.

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Choose from our 10 distinguished training courses and make a difference in your career. We offer these courses also in distance learning method to our Arab students through our Training and Continuing Education (TCE) with the partnership of Academic Training Institute in Gaza city, Palestine.

1-  Certified NGO's Leader-CNL
2-  Certified Marketing Manager-CMM
3-  Certified Professional Programmer-CPP
4-  Certified Expert Journalist-CEJ
5-  Certified Reporter-CR
6-  Certified Professional Trainer-CPT
7-  Certified Sales Manager-CSM
8-  Certified Business Professional-CBP
9-  Certified in Diplomacy-CID
10-Certified in Management-CIM

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Are you a professional trainer?
Are you a human development expert?

Now you have the chance to get a certified designation from HUDEX and enhance your future!

Therefore, we give you this rare opportunity to get the membership of Human Development Experts Congregation, as well as the international certificate in training which would open to you wider horizons in the world of training...

Get today the top of what can be obtained by trainers in the world .. The membership of the International Trainer in the Board of The International Trainers in America-BITA. The American Board's Passport is best promoter of the professional trainer ..

It's time now to promote yourself the professional way!


New from AIA
Master and Doctorate in Diplomatic Studies
Authenticated by Department of State

Low Tuition fee, available in Arabic language, and by full distance learning.
Enrollment is open now to students from all over the world. Register now and get all the privileges of AIA ..
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We convert education into a pleasant experiment!
Education should be converted into a pleasant and useful process. Life is not restricted to work and study only. It's very important to enjoy your spare time while completing your program in order not to feel that education has occupied your entire life.

Our Web Site: takes you mostly to all information you need. We invite you to explore the website which is being updated continually, and in case you didn't find the information you need please do not hesitate to contact us, send us an email and our employees will reply within 48 hours only.

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Students of College of Business can have 2-year free membership in AMA.
Students of College of Law can get 2-year free membership in ABA.
Students of Economics Division can have 1-year membership in AEA.

Get seven certificates when you graduate from one of our academic programs!
Whether you record in a bachelor's or master's programs or Ph.D. .. The American International Academy will give you, dear student, seven certificates when you graduate to adorn your CV .. No one has done this before!  read more >>

AIA establishes the Board of the International Trainers in USA

The Board of International Trainers in America  (BITA) was founded on the 15th of April 2011. Since then, AIA has been working on developing the internal regulations of BIT and forming its advisory council which consists of five members from the world community who are senior academics and training experts.

The board of this Academy aspires to raise the effectiveness and quality of training in the Arab world by improving trainers' skills thus achieving the standards of BIT. Membership to BIT will be opened very soon. BIT will grant membership to qualified candidates who meet the admission criteria.

The administration of the Board seeks to diversify its services and programs in order to benefit the members.  read more>>

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Our new distinguished programs for 2012:
Master and Doctorate in Modern Human Development .. Register Now !

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