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Joining Associations

The American International Academy does not spare the effort to give its students what it could of the services to promote and elevate their level of scientific expertise and capabilities to the level of professionalism. To achieve those goals, the Academy gives its students in most disciplines free memberships for a year or two in international associations which some of them have partnership relationships with the Academy.

These associations are, (and more to come):

American Management Association, USA
2 Years e-Member for students of College of Business

American Bar Association, USA
2 Years membership for students of College of Law

American Economic Association, USA
1 Year membership for students of Economics division



AIA graduates are also advised to join a proper association because it is the best way to become an updated professional. A degree involves a great deal of responsibility both for the holder and those he or she influences. Learning does not end on graduation day; it is an enriching, lifelong process. The main objective behind all the assignments completed is to provide a foundation and a starting point on which the graduate should continue building up their knowledge upon.

Some Associations for AIA Graduates:

Associations for the Graduates of Arts & Humanities
Associations for the Graduates of Business & Media
Associations for the Graduates of Natural Health Science
Associations for the Graduates of Psychology
Associations for the Graduates of Engineering & Science


Associations for the Graduates of Arts & Humanities

AIDA - International Association of Law and Art

EAIE - European Association for International Education

IASS - International Association for Semiotic Studies

IPA - International Psychohistorical Association

ISA - International Sociological Association

ISPA - International Society for the Performing Arts

MHRA - Modern Humanities Research Association

PSA - Philosophy of Science Association

RRA - Religious Research Association


Associations for the Graduates of Business & Media

BMA - Business Management Association

BMA - Business Marketing Association

FMAI - Financial Management Association International

HCIMA - Hotel & Catering International Management Association

IAA - International Advertising Association

IACMP - International Association of Career Management Professionals

ICA - International Communication Association

IHRIM - International Association for Human Resource Management

ITMA - IT Management Association

SABE - Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics

SPJ - Society of Professional Journalists


Associations for the Graduates of Natural Health Science

AADP - American Association of Drugless Practitioners

AAIM - American Association of Integrative Medicine

AAMA - American Alternative Medical Association

AANP - American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

AAOM - American Association of Oriental Medicine

AHHA - American Holistic Health Association

AIM - Association for Integrative Medicine

AMEHB - Asociación M├ędica Española de Homeopatía y Bioterapia

ANMA - American Naturopathic Medical Association

APNT - Association of Physical and Natural Therapists

ASAT - American Society of Alternative Therapists

BCMA - The British Complementary Medicine Association

CAMA - Complementary Alternative Medical Association

IONC - International Organization of Nutritional Consultants

IPTI - Independent Professional Therapists International

ONMA- Organización Mundial de Medicinas Alternativas


Associations for the Graduates of Psychology

AHP - Association for Humanistic Psychology

APS - American Psychological Society

ASSC - Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

ATP - Association for Transpersonal Psychology

CNS - Cognitive Neuroscience Society

EAP - European Association for Psychotherapy

ETPA - European Transpersonal Psychology Association

IACP - International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy

ISHPR - International Society of Health Psychology Research

NACHP -Association of Consellors, Hypnoterapists and Psychotherapists

SIOP - Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

SPR - Society for Psychical Research

SPR - Society for Psychophysiological Research


Associations for the Graduates of Engineering & Science

AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science

AACTE - Asociación para el Avance de la Ciencia y la Tecnología en España

AEC - Asociación Española de Científicos

AFOS - Association for the Foundations of Science, Language and Cognition

IACEE - International Association for Continuing Engineering Education

IACES - International Association of Civil Engineering Students

IASTED - International Association of Science and Technology Development

IAU - International Astronomical Union

ICSU - International Council for Science


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